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mode of law

When choosing their brand name, designers have often favored an eponymous format, such as: Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Hubert De Givenchy, Pierre Balmain, Donatella Versace, and Mario Prada. While this is a simple way to garner name recognition, it is not necessarily the best long term strategy. If a designer chooses to sell their brand or seeks a minority investor, theydo not always remain with their creation. Nevertheless, a business no longer helmed by its creator remains a valid signifier of a certain lifestyle and aesthetic. This becomes incredibly important in the field of trademarks.

For those faithful readers of my blog, I apologize for the hiatus this summer; you may recall that a trademark is primarily used as a source indicator in order to reduce consumer confusion by promoting efficiency in describing a product. To secure a trademark replica louis vuitton , the word or logo must be either fanciful, suggestive or descriptive with a secondary meaning. On high quality replica handbags china an equally important note, once a name or logo has become a federally registered trademark in a certain class another party cannot register it in the same class. All this in an attempt to reduce consumer confusion, as previously noted.

This prohibition has far reaching implications. Once a designer has registered their name, unless the rights are sold, they no longer hold the right to use their name as they please. John Galliano fell victim to this after his removal from Dior and his eponymous label, both managed by LVMH. His abrupt departure prevented him from working with either label and LVMH ownership of the trademark rights to his name meant he could not start another using his name. Emily Current and Meritt Elliot, the designers behindCurrent/Elliot, also succumbed to this force. The duo had resolved to leave their label, and later decided to create a new brand entitled The Great. Unable to use their names, because the trademark registration belonged to the original brand, they were forced to devise a brand name unrelated to either of their names.

You may ask, why does this matter? The reason: name recognition. The designers cannot trade on the quality of their past work nor link themselves to their former brand in a way recognizable to the general public. This situation entails more time, as compared to the other brand, invested in advertising and other informational tactics meant to produce the same favorable opinion.

Fortunately aaa replica designer handbags , a recent cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk trend intended to diminish the negative aspects of this reality has emerged. While the choice in name relates, somewhat, to the ideologies of those brands, it is also a brilliant method to protect the creator rights to their name. The ability to retain as many rights in one name and likeness is invaluable, especially in the digital age. By valuing quality over flash, the recent trend has reduced the need for heavy branding and large logos. Perhaps, the preference for a no designer name could be attributed to a greater understanding by designers of business, legal issues surrounding their brand. April 2013, the District Court of The Hague awarded Louboutin a preliminary injunction against Van Haren ordering the brand to cease its manufacture and sale ofblack or blue shoes bearing red soles, andto pay Louboutin court costs and legal fees. The court held thatLouboutin has not used the red sole purely for decoration, but has utilized the markin a consistent and sustainable way on all its high heel shoes. For this reason, the public identified the red sole cheap replica handbags mark with Louboutin and thus Van Haren red soled shoes caused confusion amongst the relevant public.

This ruling came on the heels of another famous ruling for Louboutin. The case decided in 2012 in New York federal courts involved a Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags trademark infringement lawsuit againstYves Saint Laurent, now simply Saint Laurent, for selling heels with red soles. law does, in fact, allow for the valid registration of a red sole. Louboutin gave the red sole trademark status because the color had acquired a secondary meaning that the general population associated solely with Louboutin. Supreme Court has held that clothing cannot be inherently distinct meaning that the only way clothing is eligible for a trademark is to be a source indicator for the general American public. The only caveat the court mentioned when granting the mark to Louboutin was that if another shoe were red then it could have a red sole without infringing Louboutin’s trademark. In other words, Louboutin has rights in the red sole but only when the color of the sole is in contrastwith the color of the shoes upper.

Van Haren appealed the 2013 decision and, in March 2014, the Courts of Appeals of the Hague referred the case tothe CJEU to determine whether Louboutin is valid. To reach its conclusion, theCJEU will compare the European Trademark Directive with theBenelux trademark registrationof Louboutin The former is replica louis vuitton bags the body oflaws of the EU Member States relating to trademarks and the latter refers to Louboutin registration specific toThe Hague, Netherlands. So, as of now, it seems the validity of Louboutin mark in the Netherlands is very much undecided.

Dov Charnery the former American ApparelChief Executive Officer has accused Standard General LP of falsely claiming, based on the results of an independent investigation, that his termination was for cause, and has sought $30 Million in damages.

Charney claims the investigation was a “sham”, according to a complaint filed in Los Angeles state court. He claimed American Apparel’s board, controlled by Standard General, fired him because he would not relent on his mission to regain control of the retailer and because he refused to release his shareholder claims against American Apparel and Standard General.

“There was no independent, third party investigation of Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags Charney that led to his termination,” according to the complaint. The investigation was directed by “the very people who wanted to fire Charney, who conspired against him to wrest away control of the company.”

Upon removing Charney, the directors alleged that he had violated American Apparel’s policies against sexual harassment, and had improperly spent company funds on travel for family members. “Charney and his associates continue to file frivolous, meritless lawsuits at a breakneck pace,” New York based Standard General said in a statement.

In April, two American Apparel shareholders with past ties to Charney sued the company and some board members. They claimed Charney was fired because he would not follow the plan to sell the chain. The company has dismissed the claims in that case as “completely baseless.”

Unfortunately, numerous lawsuits are not the only issues that have plagued American Apparel in past months: sales have dwindled and employee morale has plummeted. American Apparel hopes to overcome its recent woes by hiring Paula Schneider who was installed asCEO of American Apparelin December. She replaced a string of interim CEOs who had taken the reins following Charney ouster last June over sexual misconduct.

Regretfully, the turnaround has not happened as quickly as hoped: the company announced a net loss of $26.4 million in the first three months of the year, compared to a net loss of $5.4 million during the same period in 2014. Sales fell 9 percent to $124.3 million year over year and followed up consecutive quarters of flat or decliningsales.

Schneider cautioned against reading too deeply into recent income reports since the company is in initial phase of a multi year, strategic turnaround plan that require time. In the first quarter, Schneider said the company focused on reducing slow moving merchandise, taking a temporary hit on sales and margins in the hopes of improving its store merchandising in the 1:1 replica handbags months to come. Product development, merchandise planning, operational and financial planning, inventory management, procurement and demand planning are also in the midst of a restructuring.

Schneider has also attempted to update the company’s image. In January, American Apparel strengthened rules to prevent sexual harassment among its employees. Managers and subordinates were prohibited from having romantic relationships, including dating casually, according to the new ethics code. This policy change was in response to Charney’s behavior while CEO, which led to several suits for sexual harassment. One employee reported seeing Charney naked in his factory on several occasions. The cases were either dismissed or sent to private arbitration.

The most obvious signs of change have come from the company new advertisements. The new ads display photographs intended tocorrelate female empowerment with hard work. American Apparel has discarded its former oversexualized ads, and has specifically requested no cheap louis vuitton bags from china “Instagram hoes”.

In its quest for a fresh perspective, American Apparel has also hired a new menswear designer, Joseph Pickman. The hope is that Pickman , formerly of Band of Outsiders, could bring a youthful edge by infusing American Apparel with his eccentric preppy style. However, recent news of Band of Outsiders decision to not create a fall line and possibly folding could color the move by Pickman as more of a survival tactic than a belief in the new direction of American Apparel.

On the financial side of its turnaround, American Apparel announced that it plans to sell another $10 million in stock, adding to the$15 million loanit took from Standard General in March.

Louis Vuittonhas lost the trademark to its Damier checkerboard pattern following a ruling by the European Union General Court. The trademarks in question covered the dark brown and beige Damier checkered pattern, granted in 1998, as well as the black and grey iteration, granted in 2008. German retailer Nanu Nana initially challenged the trademarks in 2009 and a lower court granted the motion to have the mark declared invalid in 2011. The OHIM stated: checkerboard pattern, as represented in the contested trade mark, was a basic and banal feature composed of very simple elements and that it was well known that the feature had been commonly used with a decorative purpose in relation to various goods replica louis vuitton After the decision, Louis Vuitton appealed to the European Union General Court requesting the ruling be overturned.

The European Union’s General Court ultimatelyagreed with the OHIM finding the checkerboardpattern is a basic and commonplace figurative pattern and it did not greatly differ from typical patterns for leather goods. The General Court decided the public would not perceive the design as an indicator of source, which is a main objective of trademark law. The “contested trade mark, in the absence of features capable of distinguishing it from other representations of checkerboards, was not capable of fulfilling the essential or function of a trade mark. Themark failed as an origin indicator because it is of the most basic patterns and it contains element capable of individualizing Louis Vuitton’s counsel had argued that the pattern was complex, particular and original; but, the General Court dismissed these arguments.

Frequently used on handbags, the Damier checkerboard pattern is arguably Louis Vuitton’s most iconic, next to the LV monogram. So, the General Court’s ruling deals a strong blow to Louis Vuitton. Sharon Daboul, a trademark attorney at law firmEIP, stated: “this trademark loss is a double blow to Louis Vuitton, who has been fighting to protect these marks since 2009” because “it can no longer claim to have a monopoly on the checkerboard pattern as applied to leather goods and bags, even if it was the first to come up with it. This loss might make it harder for the company to protect its bags against competitors or counterfeiters in the EU as it will no longer be able to rely on its trademark registrations.”

A spokesperson for Louis Vuitton did not immediately respond to questioning and has not yet announced if it plans to appeal theEuropean Union General Court decision.

Adidashas suedMarc by Marc Jacobs, the recently shuttered Marc Jacobs diffusion line,over the sale of sweaters with four stripes along the sleeves. high quality designer replica handbags In a lawsuit filed recently in Oregon federal court, the German sportswear giant claims that the sweaters from the A/W 2014 collection infringe its famed three stripe trademark. Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley who have created cheap louis vuitton bags from china their own brand in response to Marc by Marc Jacobs’ closure were the creative directors responsible for the sweaters in question.

Adidas has requested that Marc by Marc Jacobs immediately and permanently cease all sales, distribution and marketing of the allegedly infringing garments as well as delivery of the garments to Adidas for destruction. In addition, Adidas seeks monetary damages with an award likely to be in the millions of dollars.

According to the lawsuit, Marc by Marc Jacobs attempted to benefit from the popularity of Adidas’ iconic three stripe design in use for over 60 years with a “confusingly similar” four stripe design. Adidas claims that its stripes have reached icon status to the public by citing articles calling them and, indeed, Adidas asserts Marc Jacobs could be misleading consumers into thinking that they are seeing Adidas apparel. In addition to federal trademark infringement, Adidas has claimed unfair competition, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and trademark dilution.

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